10 things every teacher needs to hear this year

Every teacher needs encouragement this year. Teachers, in case you haven’t got the support you need, we’re here. read this. We see you. You are doing an amazing job. We appreciate you very much.

1. There would be no other professions without you

If there’s one thing we want you to remember every day, it’s this: Every career is made possible by teachers who lead the way. When you feel that your job is “worthless”, remember that it’s literally the work that creates all other jobs…that’s what makes it special.

2. The compliments your students give you are 100% true…

And there are fewer students who will admit they like you! Remember a student who told you he was looking forward to your lesson? They weren’t just saying it to get a good grade; They really meant it. When someone praises you, take it and use it to drown out all the negativity.

3. Everyone has their bad days, even teachers.

As a teacher, you may feel that you are not ‘allowed’ to have bad days, because it affects your students and makes them have a bad day as well. When you have a “off” day, you can experience it as a failure, simply because you have so many pairs of eyes looking at you and staring at you. But you are only human. However, no one is “cool” or their best all the time! Teaching in times of a pandemic is stressful and it is normal for some days to go through more difficult than others.

4. You really shouldn’t be asked to do everything you’re doing this year.

During this crazy distance learning/hybrid learning time, you literally get a lot done. You are doing the impossible and just waiting around the corner to find out how to do all this. You have to let go of the guilt for not being able to do everything. Nobody can do the work you do every day.

5. “You are not a bad teacher, these kids are just bad”

First of all, they aren’t really bad kids; We all know that. But the popular saying has some truth. December is the month when the worst in children appears. They want to see Santa Claus much more than they want to study another vocabulary lesson or math problem. It is just science. In December, kids need a break like teachers. They all just need a break from each other. It is not the fault of this or that.

6. In the end, it’s a job

Teaching is a profession. You mean more to your students than you think. Teaching is part of who you are after many years of teaching. However, you also have a life outside of teaching; So it is only natural that you enjoy this life. Teaching is work. Although it changes you, it should not become all of you. You are doing yourself a favor by separating your work from your life.

7. Take care of yourself

Take a nice relaxing bath. Take a lunch break. Take a day off. Don’t let anyone deny you basic human rights just because they seem to bother someone else.

If someone has to take your course but you’re sick, it’s not your fault. Schools shouldn’t be so understaffed that you can’t take a day off (or a day off for your sanity) when needed. You should be able to have lunch and take your time. You won’t have to hold your bladder for hours. Just don’t… Giving more support to teachers starts with standardizing basic care.

8. Nobody’s ready yet

Even teachers on Pinterest haven’t pinned ideas like “how to get ahead in the face of a pandemic” or “Covid-Safe Chic classrooms” in 2019. No one is set up to teach in 2020. If they act by saying they’re ready, rest; this is not possible. We take it day in and day out and never pretend we have an idea of ​​what we are going to do in the 2020-2021 school year. We just hope the kids never realize how lost we really are.

9. They learn

Students learn. They may fail in some subjects and miss some tasks, but they learn to be resilient in the face of uncertainty. They are learning more about technology than ever before and learning to become very self-sufficient. They learn what the end goal should always be, anyway.

10. Thank you

Thanks for everything you’ve done. Thank you for coming every day, in the midst of chaos, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of economic crisis, emotional struggle, and your personal issues. Please provide students with consistency this school year, even though you may not have one. Not only would there be careers without teachers, there would also be much less wisdom and fulfillment in the world without education, so thank you.

Every teacher needs to feel supported, appreciated, and heard. If you are not a teacher, pass it on to the teachers around you. It might just make their day brighter and brighter knowing that someone cares what they’re doing.


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