18 fun games without physical contact

During this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, the reopening of schools has been framed by a health protocol based on maintaining physical distance and applying barrier gestures. This is why offline yard games are effective tools that teachers should immerse their students in fun and intellectual activities. In this article, we present a list of fun games that do not require contact:

Offline team and co-op outdoor games

Here are some ideas for fun games without physical contact to enjoy comfort while respecting barrier gestures:

1. Jack said

It is a non-contact recreational game that requires a game expert and a group of at least three players. The game master gives commands and instructs the children to stand and face each other. This leisure game requires careful listening and quick reaction. Each child should carry out the command only when the game leader begins his sentence with: “Jack said: …”. If the game master commands, for example: “Touch your nose!” “Without beginning with” said Jack: “…”, the children who carried out the order were judged.

In Quebec, this game is called Jean Det (“Jean Det: …” is the phrase that replaces “Jacques said: …”).

2. Mime game

Children love playground games without equipment, especially mime games and guessing games. The game leader chooses a word that refers to something, an animal, a story topic, a character’s name, a gesture from everyday life, etc. The other pupils have to guess what it is.
After each success, the children exchange roles.

3. Freeze Dance

This game is loved by children as it allows them to be active while having fun. It’s great and doesn’t take up much space either! Just assign a kid to play DJ. Play a cheerful song, pause it, and shout “Freeze!” Anyone who doesn’t freeze is out of the game. The last one standing is the winner!

4. hopscotch

It is an old entertainment game, more related to girls. Allows children to learn to count and maintain balance. To start, each player stands on an area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe “ground”. The first player must throw the pebble into square 1. To win the hopscotch, the player must first reach the “sky” square after completing the entire course.

5. 1.2 3 Shams game

The leader starts the game by saying “1, 2, 3…” out loud, when he says “Sun!” Turn around. Players are only allowed to move forward when the base is facing the wall.

To respect physical distance, we can place concrete walkways for the participants and a “countdown” area in a place different from the place of arrival so that there is no contact between them.

6. Skipping rope

Ruling this ancient game is easy. The child must jump on the rope by jumping forward until he reaches the finish line. There is another type of this game: the jump race which consists of asking the children to go forward by skipping the rope one foot at a time to be the first to reach the end of the course. It is an activity that requires children to practice coordination between their upper and lower bodies.

7. In my bag

It is a game that makes children’s memory work. The game leader pronounces: “In my bag …”, and the second player must memorize this sentence and repeat it without making a mistake! Then he adds another word.

For example: the first sentence is: “In my bag there are blue pants,” the second player must repeat everything and add a word like: “In my bag there are blue pants and shirts. The game continues like this until the player makes a mistake!

8. Statue game

A good toy for working on body expressions and concentration. In addition, it respects the rules of social distancing. Each player has a playing area, and the leader turns around and begins to count or sing. The other players move and dance. But when the leader stops and turns, the other kids make the statue and they shouldn’t move! Those who do not respect instructions or who move are eliminated.

9. The washing machine

This is one of the device-free playground games. The leader of the game must turn 2, 3 times in the middle of the circle, so that others can carefully observe his appearance. After that, he leaves the circle to go and amend something about himself. Then, he’s back in the middle of the round, giving the floor to the other players to see what the leader has changed about himself. This game improves children’s observation and concentration.

10. Rock Paper Scissors

This entertainment game without touching each other is well known all over the world. It is performed by hand and involves one or more players. It has many alternative names such as the term chifoumi.

rule this game Recreation from yesterday Simple: the rock beats the scissors, the scissors cut the paper, the paper rolls the rock (and wins). If the players make the same gesture, it means a tie.

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11. Draw the squares

To apply the sanitary protocol, while enjoying the rest, the teaching team can draw squares on the floor. The goal is to define the court space to avoid contact. Children play, laugh and dance, but from this square. For individual equipment such as ball, hoop, etc., it should have the first name written on it. Each child has chalk to customize their space.

12. Babyfoot game

This game was created by a physical education teacher from Sayabec to help her students move while respecting physical distancing. It is a table football game. baby feet, but on a human level. Thanks to this innovative idea, students play and have fun while they are two meters apart from each other.

13. Clean Cow

This classic animation game is among the casual games that don’t require contact.

Children play in a circle sitting on the floor. The player repeats this sentence without making a mistake: “I am the pure cow that stains (his number) and I call the pure cow that stains (another participant number)”. Then, the person calling will have to quickly repeat the sentence and then call another player and so on.

If you make a mistake, you will receive a spot (a sticker for example) or a virtual spot if you are driving. etc.

This non-contact activity requires good memory and rhetoric so as not to be the “stained cow”. This game also allows you to get to know each other and break the ice.

14. Crazy Hat

All you need is a hat or any other accessory that can fit (scarf, bag, etc.).

The teacher must organize a “stage” space and a “public” space.

Each in turn, the children come on the “stage” alone, and they have to perform a rhythmic dance to the sound of the audience’s hand applauding. It’s about being…as silly as possible.

15. “Hello!”

Students form a large circle. Then, each child comes to the center to say/shout/whisper their first name, linking it with a deliberate gesture. Then the others gather to repeat the first name and reference.

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16. Drawing description

To do this contactless activity all you need are small pictures, paper and colored pencils/markers. Students form a group of two. The first describes the image that the other does not see, but rather draws. Then the original image and the drawing are compared.

17. Mosul

A child in front of the rest of the group … makes voiceovers and gestures, which everyone repeats, continuing with other gestures. Then someone else’s turn comes. Playmaker can vary during a PE session by asking to make sounds, to make a slow or fast gesture…

18. Coat of arms

The coat of arms is an educational tool intended to provide an individual or group with an effort of rewarding self-reflection with the symbolism of pride inherent in the coat of arms.

The game master can find an empty coat of arms on the Internet. Next, launch the game by inviting other players to fill in words, graphics, stickers (depending on resources, audience, etc.), each “part” of the coat of arms that represents (up to your choice)

  • What do I like to do
  • My dream
  • I love people
  • my hero
  • what makes me happy
  • My Skills
  • A place I love

Then everyone explains their motto. It can then be displayed

School teachers can also offer non-touch games that include traditional contactless playground games, outdoor games, offline sports, and other collaborative activities that kids love.

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