28 unexplained classroom riddles that are still waiting to be answered

Haunted houses, horror movies or even supernatural TV – there are some pretty scary things out there. But nothing beats the mystery of a good class. Recently, our Facebook community asked us about the most memorable six-word chapter puzzles. Our conclusion in six words: It is better to leave some questions unanswered. But here are a few of our favourites.

  • 1. “What do you play with?” »

Bloody baby teeth, huge snot, little tree frog – the answer is always different and usually frightening.

  • 2. “Why are your eyelids upturned?” »

And where can I vomit after seeing this?

  • 3. “Paper of Anonymous?” »

Is it really impossible to remember writing his name? Yeah. Obviously the answer is yes.

  • 4. “Who owns this snack dish?” »
  • 5. “What’s in your bookbag?” »

From our Facebook group experience, it could be a kitten. It could also be a dead squirrel. or a frog. Maybe a lizard. Isn’t that sexy?

  • 6. “Why wasn’t this meeting just an email?” »

We feel your pain.

  • 7. “Where did all the pencils go?” »

Apparently, this puzzle haunts all classes. But seriously. Did they… just evaporate?

  • 8. “What time is the holiday?” »

According to Jonathan N.It’s amazing that it’s still a mystery at day 170/180 ».

  • 9. “How did your Google file disappear?” »

This is the puzzle of distance education that has never been solved.

  • 10. “What is growing on your desk?” »

And do we really want to know?

  • 11. “Where did that dead bat come from?” »

This was going to give us goosebumps for a long time.

  • 12. “Who took the charger for the Chromebook?” »

Hey guys, don’t touch our stuff. We don’t have time for this kind of research.

  • 13. “Where did the sticky stick caps go?” »

This question has been mentioned so often that we are convinced that an evil spirit is stealing them from classrooms across the country.

  • 14. Where do I put my coffee? »

Well, this is us. But we are not expected to keep track of everything!

  • 15. “Where did I put my pen?” »

same. The fight is real.

  • 16. “Who is his paper on earth?” »
  • 17. Who are these shoes and gloves for? »

Equally mysterious is the way elementary school kids deny ownership of everything.

  • 18. “Why is this homework so sticky?” »

Unidentified poster. This is the essence of nightmares.

  • 19. “Why always the three of you?” »

Sometimes you know who’s going to have a problem before they encounter it.

  • 21. “Monday 24 scissors, Tuesday none…how?” »

Alex F, that’s a great question. Now it will also haunt us.

  • 22. “What happened to the jerboa season?” »

The hamster. And the tarantula. And therefore. many. of creatures. Missing.

  • 23. “Why did you go so long?” »

Did you make a short trip to Aruba? Solve world hunger? Writing a novel? We need to know!

  • 24. “Who leaves children everywhere?” »

Many of us have found these little guys in our drinks, aquariums, and desks…even Landa J. She found one in a bottle of her hand sanitizer.

  • 25. “Who drew this on the board?” »

We don’t know what grade you’re in, Catherine A, but if it’s middle school, we can guess what score they drew.

  • 26. “The air conditioning is not working today?” »

And why does it always happen on the hottest day of the week?

  • 27. “Why are you licking your desk?” »

See also “the wall”, “the earth”, “your friend”, etc. There is a lot of licking. Why ?!?!

  • 28. “Will we have school in September?” »

Hey, we know the answer to this question! But… the details are still a bit vague.

What are the biggest puzzles in your class?

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