5 Things Teachers Do Every Day That Are A Waste Of Time!

Teaching is a precious, crucial and wonderful work. Except when it’s not… Teachers spend most of their day spending time with great guys, to make a difference in their lives. However, other parts of their day are simply useless.

Here are some of the ways teachers waste time every day:

1. Write the criterion on the board.

You know who reads the rules? Director makes a comment. another person ! Only they! The child is not interested in reading the rules or asking questions about them. Of course, the teacher is supposed to refer to it during the lesson.

2. Teach the rules.

Agree, some rules are useful. We will work on sentence parts and punches until the students go home, and we will explain to our children the difference between “your” and “your” until it sinks into their heads. But we cannot be forced to worry about whether they know the difference between the verb tenses. Unfortunately, the grammar includes a lot of unnecessary points that won’t help with writing or understanding.

3. Daily work log.

Like most teachers, you have to put in a certain number of notes each week. Some of these tasks are important and meaningful. Some are smaller, but no less important and require students to reflect on their learning or check their understanding. Some of these students are at the max level, so we have no problem not getting enough grades. With these students, it is impossible not to give a few meaningless activities that increase the number of grades posted without improving children’s learning or understanding.

4. Data collection.

It is very important to provide the accommodations for children that they need. But spending 20 minutes twice a week setting up a one-on-one “meet” just to prove it didn’t work, then giving an “assignment” that has nothing to do with the program or the skills a child needs is a meaningless paperwork. It takes time to learn from my students.

5. Apply an appropriate dress code.

The rationale is always: “If we sweat for the little things, we don’t have to worry about the big things,” but this has never been a good experience.

Teachers love their work and besides, they plan to teach in their schools at their current level, until they finally collapse in the hallway and no one notices.

Perhaps one day the entire teaching process will be simplified and teachers can focus their attention on the things that really matter. Until then, teachers will continue to ignore unnecessary things.

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