Hybrid teaching doubled teachers’ workload

Here’s the hard truth. The blended learning model is killing our teachers.

The teachers had no training or time to prepare Hybrid education.

Some teachers are fans of learning models that provide more flexibility for students and teachers. This must be done through specific and intentional use of technology. But they do not endorse the “experiment with fire” approach of expecting our teachers to use this learning model effectively with little or no training or professional development, as during a public health emergency.

Schools that used some form of blended learning around the world before the Covid era did so systematically. They put their employees through several years of continuous training for this. Much time was spent implementing pilot programs to help them evaluate the effectiveness of the model. The specific learning challenges within the school have been taken into account. Teachers are given the use of tools, technology, and time to use this model effectively with their students. But due to the pandemic, the number of schools that have been able to spread this model of learning to their students is not limited to those that have actually tried it. Teachers around the world have been forced to provide mixed instruction without training or tools. They have had to adapt, they will, they are bound to face some technical aspects, and yet we expect them to excel in this area.

Obviously, we expect a lot from teachers.

Society has always placed high expectations on the work of teachers. There are very few professions that have the same level of expectations for the very meager salary our teachers receive. You won’t find many professionals who come home at night, continue to work after their kids go to bed, or take a weekend off to celebrate papers and plan lessons. This phenomenon has intensified and is becoming increasingly evident in recent years, as many parents have taken a more “lax” approach by forgoing their children’s education entirely in school, both on an educational and behavioral level. The current state of the blended learning model in schools is adding more and more Stress To an already stressful job.

We can’t just introduce new technologies and applications to our teachers and expect them to excel in those areas overnight.

When implemented correctly, this model has real benefits. But we can’t just roll out new technology and applications to our teachers and expect them to use blended learning effectively. Teachers try to teach in person while facilitating online learning. They are basically expected to deal with two separate classes simultaneously. It’s not as simple as letting the other kids watch the lesson. Effective teaching depends on immediate participation. If you are trying to engage learners in person, you are probably neglecting virtual learners to some extent.

So the workload of teachers doubled.

There are enough sources of distraction in a typical classroom environment. Imagine a screen full of children at home, who are distracted by animals, parents, television, toys, etc. In this case, it cannot be good learning for both parties simultaneously, not due to lack of effort on the part of the teacher. Teachers are immersed in screens and cameras. Technology is doing its best to get the attention of its students and it is very sad to come to this. We have to realize that the workload of our teachers has doubled.

We need to better support teachers instead of making their work more stressful.

Currently, the future of education is uncertain. We highly doubt we’ll ever see the school look what it was before Covid, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if we are to continue using the blended learning model to provide the best possible virtual learning option for our students, we need to take a huge step back and re-examine how best to support our teachers in this endeavour. We need to create a set of expectations for virtual students and their parents, as well as provide them with the tools and training needed to learn from home successfully. If we don’t, we will lose outstanding teachers Occupational burnout.

What is happening now is not sustainable for anyone.

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